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Guide for neobux

NeoBux Guide

What is NeoBux?

NeoBux is a PTC ( Paid To Click, you will be paid for click some links)

How it works?

Some people advertise his link, they pay for this, after, other people click this link, and a part of the money paid from the advertiser go to the clicker.


1° Register:
Click this:

After you receive this screen:

Username: Insert your favorite Username

Password: Insert your password

Password Confirmation: Re-insert your password

E-mail: Insert your E-mail

Payza/Paypal: Insert your paypal or Payza E-mail 

Note: You need verified account, with credit card or other.

Birth Year: Insert your Birth Year
Verification Code: Insert the verification code

After you have completed the registration form, don't close the Window, go in your email and copy the confirm code and insert in the form :

Now enter in your account:

Now click : View Advertisement, insert your reset time

Now click the ads: 

After click the Red Dot:

After click Close when it compare:

Doing this for all the Ads, go to the ads page often, during the day because can  appear ads  in the value of $ 0.005, $ 0.01, $ 0.015

To facilitate this there is the AdAlert an Extension for your browser:
First click on AdAlert:
There aren't Virus.

In next screen select your browser and download it:

After install the file you have downloaded.

When you click the ads, you receive a bonus pack this Bonus pack contain:

1 NeoPoint;
3 AdPrize Chances;
A Change of winning 1 of the 120 prizes of  $0,50 drawn Each Hour

What is AdPrize?

Click the number view an advertisement and you might win a prize.
After you click the site open a new tab on your browser, after the time finish click next:

If you have luck, you can win a prize, this is the list of all my adprizes:

Now talk about the Neopoints.
You can make Neopoints in this modes:
1)Click Ads;
2)Win on AdPrizes;
3)Doing  Offers:

Click NeoPoints, After you receive this screen:

Complete offers if you want.

What you can do with NeoPoints?

With NeoPoints you can Extend your Rented Referrals or when you reach 30000 you can exchange it for a Golden Upgrade

In NeoBux there are also the Neocoins;

What are NeoCoins?

NeoCoins are a secondary value,

How i can make NeoCoins?

You can make NeoCoins with the offers:

Click Offers and you receive this screen:

You can Make NeoCoins watching videos:

What can i do with NeoCoins?

You can Exchange your NeoCoins for Money:

After you lick, you receive this screen:

In this screen select how much NeoCoins do you want exchange for money.

To make money in NeoBux there are the MiniJobs.

What are Minijobs?

MiniJobs are MiniJobs, to doing these:

After you receive this screen, select jobs you like

For every $1,00 maked with minijobs you receive a 12% of Bonus (if you are standard), if you are Golden you receive a Bonus of 24 %
This is how much i make with minijobs:

In Neobux you can Rent Refs:
To Rent Refs you need to have money in your rental balance, you can add money from your Paypal, Payza or Neteller Account or from the main balance:
Select from where you want add funds:

 From Main Balance: Select amount after click:"transfer from your main balance".
From Paypal, Payza, Neteller: Select the amount minimum $5, after click the method you use.

Renting Refs:

Go to your account and click "Referrals:

After you receive this screen select package:

Each ref cost: $0,20 for 30 days, you can extend it for 240 days:

Extend ref for 15 days cost $0,10
Extend for 30 days:  $0,19 ( 5%   Discount)
Extend for 60 days:  $0,36 ( 10% Discount)
Extend for 90 days:  $0,49 ( 18% Discount)
Extend for 150 days:$0,75 ( 25% Discount)
Extend for 240 days:$1,12 ( 30% Discount) Best Choice
If you don't extend the ref when he arrive to 0 days you lost it and $0,02 deduced from your account balance.
If you are Standard Member you can have only 300 refs, to have some you need to upgrade to Golden nad after on Ultimate.

To Watch Your rr stats:
Click this:

After you receive this screen:
Normally there aren't wrote the profit, to watch it, install NeoBuxOx is a script, search it on Google.

Rented Referrals can be inactive, watch the Avg, if a ref is inactive recicle it, cost $0,07.
Enter to the forum to read the strategies of other users

You can upgrade to Golden, if you upgrade you receive some benefits:
Receive a bonus of 24% for every $1,00 maked with the minijobs.
The value of click is $0,01-0,02, receive plus money from rented and direct refs, can have plus Rented Refs, but is to high to rent:

And for last, my proof of payment: